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Here are the details for our current Pilates classes in Hove, for prices and further information please refer to the Services & Pricing sections of the site. All classes are held at the Hove studio and numbers are limited to ensure specific attention to each client. We urge our clients to book our classes in blocks rather than on a drop in basis to ensure you receive good continuity of care and great results.

Please Note: Before attending any of the classes for the first time, each participant must have a 1:1 class assessment with one of our physios using the Real Time Ultrasound scanner to ensure correct core contraction.


Thursdays 10.45am with Catherine - FULL


Tuesdays 7pm with Beth - FULL

Wednesdays 9.30am with Gemma - FULL

Thursdays 9.40am with Catherine - FULL

Thursdays 6pm with Laura - FULL


Mondays 6.30pm - FULL

If you would like to add your name to our waitlist for a class, please get in touch 

Pilates Classes: Service
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