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Physiotherapy treats pain and stiffness in your joints, muscles, nerves and soft tissues. Our physiotherapists have been specially selected to do more than just treat the symptoms, but to expertly identify and treat the root causes.

During the assessment we will take time to discuss all aspects of your problem to ensure we understand the complete picture. Treatment will then consist of two main approaches:

  • ‘Hands on’ therapy to relieve pain and restore movement and will include a number of our skills.

  • Movement analysis; pain causes us to move differently and unless these bad habits are changed through appropriate exercises your problem maybe more likely to linger or reoccur.

At Body Rehab Studios we consistently strive to raise the bar in Physiotherapy, visit us today to see how we can help you.


You may well have heard about the benefits of Pilates without really understanding what is involved. Pilates is used to improve your core strength (key in protecting the spine) and to remove imbalances within the body which may predispose you to injury.
At Body Rehab Studios, Pilates is only taught by Physiotherapists who really understand each individual client’s body and any injuries or issues they may have. Pilates can be taught on a 1:1 basis, in a class or in small groups.
Critically the ability to engage the core is assessed using our Realtime Ultrasound Scanner which is only available in a limited number of clinics. 
We have worked with clients with many different requirements, those awaiting spinal surgery, pre and post natal ladies and even those who have had joint replacements. At a higher level we have also worked with elite ballerinas, international athletes and the armed forces where Pilates has been focused to be both challenging and to pin-point their specific needs. All our Pilates instructors are APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) trained. 

Yoga Class


Sometimes you just need to give your body a little help along the way. As the former official Physio of the Brighton Marathon we are very experienced at keeping tired legs happy but can also work wonders on other areas of the body.


The office and commute can be a killer so book in for some release work on your back, neck and shoulders.


We have a specialist Women's Health team at Body Rehab to help you through pregnancy and beyond. Our goal is to support your body to be at it's best through this amazing but challenging time.

Pelvic girdle pain, sacroiliac pain and symphysis pubis pain can be a normal part of pregnancy but they can and should be treated. We can help relieve the pain of the conditions with hands on physio techniques and other tools such as our fabulous Rocktape Baby belt support taping. We can also use Pilates to strengthen your core muscles throughout pregnancy to give your pelvis optimum support and help your body prepare for birth.

Post-natal diastasis-recti occurs in 30% of women (this is where the abdominals remain separated along the mid-line). We can check for this and use our Real-time Ultrasound scanner to make sure your are recruiting your core and pelvic floor in the best way to help you get back into shape safely and effectively. 

We can offer a 45min pre/post-natal check up or a 1hour full Mummy MOT which includes full postural screen, pelvic floor assessment, abdominal muscle exam and a bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction screening. 

Women Stretching


If you suffer from urine leakage when you run or cough or feel the need to go to the toilet all the time, this can really affect your quality of life. It might be comforting to know however, that 1 in 3 women suffer from this and 1 in 5 who desperately need to go to the toilet regularly accept this as “normal”. The most common factor is a weakness in the pelvic floor muscles which can commonly occur during or after pregnancy or the menopause. The good news is that a fully trained Women’s Health Physiotherapist can help you with these issues! The first part of the consultation looks at contributing factors and an internal examination will determine where your weaknesses are and how to activate and strengthen these areas better. An individual exercise program will be set for you as well as an ongoing treatment plan. 

During your appointment, you are welcome to have someone with you or we can provide a chaperone service for an additional charge.


"As a physiotherapist, I've spent over 20 years supporting patients who are suffering with pain. During this time, I have found that the medications being prescribed may not be suitably tailored to the individual and their experience of pain. Often, once pain medication has been prescribed, patients may not be regularly reviewed. This can result in people taking unnecessary medications and suffering with the side-effects or, just not taking their medication at all as it isn't providing them the the relief they need.
My goal is to be able to prescribe medication in a more bespoke manner with regular review of the effects and making changes where appropriate so that each patient is taking the minimum amount of medication required whilst experiencing the greatest benefit. I am also dedicated to exploring other options in managing pain. Therefore, I am always keen to work with patients to sensibly decrease their prescribed medication and find other approaches to allow them to live well and stop pain limiting their lives." Dawn Buoy BSc Hons MACP MCSP IP

Image by Tamanna Rumee



  • Initial Assessment 45mins £60.00

  • Follow Up 1hour £80.00

  • Follow Up 45mins £55.00

  • Follow Up 30mins £45.00


  • 45mins Sports Massage £55.00

  • 30min Sports Massage £45.00


  • 1:1 tuition 45mins £50.00

  • Block of 5 sessions £230.00

  • Block of 10 sessions £450.00

  • 1:1 tuition with Dawn Buoy Master Trainer 45mins £55.00

  • Block of 5 sessions £260.00

  • Block of 10 sessions £495.00

  • Small Group Tuition 2-4 people 45mins £60.00 (split between participants)


Please note that before attending any Pilates class for the first time, we require you to come in for a class assessment appointment

  • Class Assessment 30mins £30.00

  • Single session Mat class £15.00

  • Block of 5 sessions Mat class £70.00

  • Block of 10 sessions Mat class £120.00

  • Single session Reformer class £18.00

  • Block of 5 sessions Reformer class £80.00

  • Block of 10 sessions Reformer class £140.00


New patients:

  • Initial pain review 30mins (virtual) £65.00 + Prescription £25.00 + pharmacy charge £15-20

Existing patients:​

  • Initial medication review 15mins (virtual) £35.00 + Prescription £25.00 + pharmacy charge £15-20

  • Existing patient of Dawn Buoy - prescription £25.00 + pharmacy charge £15-20

Repeat Prescriptions:​

  • £35.00 (includes call & prescription)

  • £25.00 for patients of Dawn Buoy's

*If you would prefer an NHS prescription we can provide a written pain review report to your GP with recommendations about changing medication. There is a charge of £10.00 for this report.  


  • Women's Health Initial Assessment 45mins (includes internal examination where required) £75.00

  • Women's Health Follow Up 45mins £65.00

  • Women's Health Follow Up 30mins £55.00

  • Pre/Post-Natal Initial Assessment 45mins £65.00

  • Pre/Post-Natal Follow Up 30mins £50.00

  • Mummy MOT 1hr (includes internal examination where required) £110.00

*we can offer a chaperone service for your appointment at a charge of £10.00 if you require

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